Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor


I’m grateful to have the opportunity to practice my passion for health and fitness at Xanadu. Being able to apply Kinesiology theory into practice by helping people achieve their health goals is very rewarding. I believe there is not one secret to be taught, but many sustainable habits that enables you to reach and exceed your goals. However, as a personal trainer I do strive to apply one very important concept: individualism. Every person is unique, responding and adapting to exercise at various rates and in different ways. As a former varsity student-athlete I have experienced the highs and lows of fitness – from performance optimization to injury rehabilitation. Because of these experiences, I feel I can better empathize with a greater amount of exercisers. Ultimately, I hope to see clients experience positive results and embrace the grind along the way.


Bachelor of Human Kinetics:
Honours Movement Science (University of Windsor)
Master of Human Kinetics:
Applied Human Performance (University of Windsor)
CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist