Class Category: Yoga

Stretch and Release (Women Only)

*Women Only* Focus on improving posture, mobility, functional strength & preventative of injury using stretch & release techniques. There will be meditation at the end of the class to allow the body to heal. All levels welcome.


This class is easy paced which allows one to move through the poses mindfully, paying attention to the experience in the present moment. This all levels class will encourage you to connect to yourself, focus on your breath and honor your body.


A combination of therapeutics, restorative and Yin Yoga to end your day sublimely. All levels welcome.


“Ultimate Beginner Yoga.” The quintessential beginner yoga class. Breaking down of postures, and breathing to build confidence for a life long yoga practice.


Restore and flow with this gentle and relaxing practice. Postures will progress at a slower pace to release tension and activate deep tissue stretching. Challenge yourself to feel the benefits of each movement by incorporating breathing techniques to maintain a sense of calmness.


Join us for the joyful practice of yoga. This class uses a combination of movement , postures and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance. An all levels class with focus on alignment, beginners will safely learn the basics while more experienced students can take postures to a deeper level.


Pranayama & traditional Hatha sequence of 12 meditative postures with brief periods of relaxation throughout & extended Savasana for maximum benefits of body, mind & spirit! Welcome to bring a small blanket! Beginner to intermediate.


(60min) This class will be lively and energetic. You will work on synching your breath with movement all while building strength and gaining flexibility. Using a greater mind-body awareness, you will move through a range of postures in a creative and purposeful sequence. Proper alignment cues will be given with options to modify or move […]