Class Category: Yoga + Cycling


This class is easy paced which allows one to move through the poses mindfully, paying attention to the experience in the present moment. This all levels class will encourage you to connect to yourself, focus on your breath and honor your body.

Strong Yoga

A true yoga class incorporated with a little pilates, tai chi or slow aerobics, while incorporating weights. Great for all levels.

Slow Flow

A full body and mind conditioning yoga class that is mixed levels – accessible and highly enjoyable to all students who regularly attend Flow Yoga. A strong emphasis on alignment in a compassionate and peaceful space. Poses are taught with variations for a level of students.  Come and flow with everyone!

All Levels Yoga

Combines movement, postures, and breath to work on strength, flexibility, and balance. This all levels class focuses on alignment, and safely learning the basics while more experienced students can take postures to a deeper level.

Stretch and Release

Focus on improving posture, mobility, functional strength & preventative of injury using stretch & release techniques. There will be meditation at the end of the class to allow the body to heal. All levels welcome.


This is it! The ride that will inspire your inner athlete, create your higher power, turn up your torque and empower you to feel like the ROCKSTAR you are! Using metric based intervals, speed work, endurance, hills and big -big beats, Anita will find your Soul! Saddle up and clip in, this is a big […]


In this RPM ride, you repeatedly spin the pedals to reach your cardio peak, then ease down, keeping pace with the pack. All levels welcome.


This class is designed to give you the challenge you are looking for! It will push you to new limits with challenging climbs, sprints, and intervals. Watch your lower body strengthen while the calories are burning!