Many people struggle with their weight on a daily basis, and this struggle does not only affect physical health, but mental health too. I am one of these people. The rate at which my weight has fluctuated throughout the years yielded a damaging influence on my mental health. I began to feel like I was not good enough, unworthy of enjoying myself in public, and in constant comparison with others that were fit, to say the least. I did not understand why it was so difficult for me to make a lifestyle change that would benefit my health in every way. When I did lose weight, I did not understand why it was difficult for me to keep on track, and why I gained all the weight back. It didn’t matter what I did, which diet fad I followed, how often I frequented the gym, I lost interest and gave up every time. I felt like a failure in every way when it came to weight loss. My weight affected every aspect of my life, because it affected my mental state every single day. I had become so self-conscious, that I was hesitant to go to the gym because I felt like people were judging me based on my body; I even ate less in front of others so that they wouldn’t judge that either. I didn’t know what else to do to help myself, until I was introduced to Xanadu and its team.

Everything about Xanadu is enticing; the atmosphere, the trainers, the staff, the members, etc. I have never felt more comfortable, and more willing to go to the gym. I crave it. Walking into Xanadu isn’t like walking into any normal gym, or health club. It is like walking into a large communal home; a family. I have never felt judged by anyone at Xanadu. Everyone is respectful, and polite, and helpful to one another. I knew that this is somewhere I wanted to frequent as often as possible. I am currently undergoing one-on-one training with Trainer Jennifer St-Pierre. Andrew Judson, Director of Personal Training, encouraged me to try personal training, and paired me with Jen. I will be forever thankful for his thoughtfulness and encouragement which pushed me to strive for what it is I’ve always wanted to achieve in my health. There are no words that can fully encompass how remarkable of a trainer Jen is to me. Her expertise, philosophy, and personality are what is sought after in a personal trainer. Her training methods are not just shared during the scheduled hour at the health club. Jen checks in with me on my unscheduled days, on my sick days, and on holidays. She forms a personal relationship with you, to better understand you as a person, so that she can better help you achieve your goals. Training with Jen is beyond repetitions and sets; she makes it enjoyable, educational, and fun. Without Jen, I would have fallen back into my old habits of giving up. She has given me something to look forward to every week, and the accountability of showing up to train. I look at it like this: if she can wake up and get herself together to help me, then I too can wake up and get myself together to help myself.

Along with training, Jen emphasizes the importance of nutrition. She is regularly checking in on my nutrition, and giving me ideas as to how can I make some of my own recipes more nutritious. Recently, a lot of my meals are derived from the Xanadu Private Nutritional App by Andrew and Kathy Judson. This app is nothing short of what an individual needs to succeed in the nutrition element of a healthy lifestyle change. Delicious recipes, calorie count, as well as alternatives are provided on this app to aid and ease in the nutritional success of the user. The meal plans are catered to individual needs, and are presented to the user in phases. Another section of the app shows your progress by measurements, as well as pictures. It is encouraging to see the transformations as well as the progress you’re making throughout your journey. The support on this app is phenomenal. Check-ins, reminders, e-mails with even more delicious recipes, as well as helpful and encouraging tips about nutrition and weight loss.

Xanadu, and its team members as a whole, have outdone themselves by creating an environment in which many, young and old, love to visit. I would like to thank Jen, Andrew, Kathy, and everyone at Xanadu for helping make this lifestyle change for me one that is full of support, encouragement, and comfort. The only thing that is more rewarding than getting compliments from other people regarding your weight loss, is feeling your progress both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have never felt better in my life. Thank you Xanadu.