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Ross' Philosophy

An educated person is a healthy person. Throughout the past 10 years I have supplemented my work experiences in the fitness industry with a solid educational foundation. I believe in educating my clients to make fitness and health a standard of living rather than a short-term goal. That begins with the understanding that healthy living includes social, emotional, and spiritual well-being; as well as adhering to a regular routine.

See Ross in action! - Video coming soon!

Jen's Philosophy

With over 18 years experience, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people lose weight, feel confident, and come alive! I am continually attending fitness conferences and workshops to keep up to date with all the current trends in the fitness industry. I have dealt with many clients with all different needs which include weight loss, Police and EMS fitness testing, Military fitness testing, Pre and Post-Pregnancy workouts, Cancer remission patients, Fitness competition training. I have also worked along side physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists in assisting post surgery and post injury clients who need to build strength and stamina for everyday life. If you need to change your routine, get motivated, or just get out of that “rut”, now is the time...let’s get to work! I look forward to helping you feel great and ...get FIT!

See Jen in action! - Video coming soon!

Arja's Philosophy

Training exceptionally leads you to an experience that engages you on multiple levels and gives you a sense of completion and achievement like no other. Open your heart & mind to see the opportunities before you. Become what you always wanted to be Strive for improvement one day at a time, it may be hard at times but its inevitable. Don't get stuck in a routine and locked in predictable formats.Train to develop your consciousness, to nourish your body & balance your mind. Gain something more than just physical exercise, let this be your guiding light, your philosophy Train because you want to not because you have to, you will become exceptional no matter the results at the end of the day. Arja's goal is to teach and guide clients to be the very best they can be.

“I bring my knowledge, passion and joy to all of my classes and clients.”

See Arja in action! - Video coming soon!



Shannon's Philosophy

I believe that building relationships, working together, motivating clients and above all having fun helps create a healthier lifestyle. I honour the uniqueness of each client when setting their goals and developing an action plan. I aim to educate, motivate, and inspire my clients to become health conscious. It doesn’t matter which fitness level you are at, it’s where you want to be that counts. If you are dedicated to consistency and willing to work hard and have fun, I can help you get there!

See Shannon in action! - Video coming soon!



“ When I first made up my mind to get back in shape and set some goals, I really didn't know where to begin. Then it was all made easy, by meeting with my new Personal Trainer. He walked me through step by step, and here I am 30 pounds lighter, eating right, and feeling great! ”

- Scott

“When I walked into Xanadu Health Club, I knew right away this was the place for me.  Everyone is very friendly and supportive.

I tried to lose the weight I had gained over the last couple of years without success, so I soon got a personal trainer to help me lose the weight I so desperately wanted to shed. Now I am now only two pounds away from that goal…and I am feeling great!

Thank you Xanadu…I love being a member of your health club – it’s a great place to be.”

- Karen

“I have been using a personal trainer on a regular basis for eightteen months and have found it to be instrumental in helping me achieve a much higher level of phyical fitness.  In addition to teaching proper technique and form, the trainer adds the critical element of accountability helping me become much more motivated and focused on achieving my goals.

As a busy professional with a hectic schedule, I have noticed a significant decrease in stress and an increase in my overall energy level.  I highly recommend incorporating personal training into one's overall workout regimen.”

- Mike

“Having a great personal trainer and trainin as a group with a workout partner are double the motivation we need to get to the gym regularly; especially in the nice weather.  Seeing progress for both of us is encouraging, and makes it all worthwhile.  If we can do it a 50 ++ anyone can!”

- Shirley